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Angular is an open and free web application development platform written in TypeScript developed by a team at Google and a community of developers from various companies.

First of all, it is aimed at developing SPA-solutions (Single Page Application), that is, single-page applications. In this regard, Angular is the successor of another framework, AngularJS. At the same time, Angular is not a new version of AngularJS, but a fundamentally new framework. Angular provides functionality such as two-way binding that allows you to dynamically change data in one place of the interface when model data changes in another, templates, routing, and so on.

One of the key features of Angular is that it uses TypeScript as its programming language.

But we are not limited to the TypeScript language. If desired, we can write applications in Angular using languages like Dart or JavaScript. However, TypeScript is still the primary language for Angular.

At RiseServ we use Angular for web-based applications for business and finance.


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