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RiseServ is an advanced provider of Stuffing and IT Solutions in North America and Europe. Our mission is to connect talent, technology and companies to provide outstanding results for all sides of the business.

We built hundreds of projects such as E-commerce solutions, business intelligence solution and web applications in healthcare, finance, hospitality and entertainment industries.

Our company gives back by investing in global education projects developing skilled professionals for the society they live in. Thanks to this initiative, hundreds of educated people switched to the Tech Industry roles in Eastern Europe, Central and North America. 

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Also known as staff augmentation or extended team model, is a strategic approach that involves outsourcing specific tasks, projects, or entire teams to a third-party provider.
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Are you looking for a reliable IT company to take care of your website and web application development needs? Look no further than our team of experts!


Trust us to support your web applications, and let us take care of the technical aspects while you focus on achieving your business goals.


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