Selenium WebDriver, a powerful automation tool, is mainly employed for automating web browser actions. Although it is widely known for testing web applications, it is not restricted to this function. In fact, it can be used to streamline mundane site administration tasks or periodically obtain data from a multitude of sources.

Selenium WebDriver is essentially a collection of libraries designed for different programming languages. These libraries enable the driver to send HTTP requests, hence the name WebDriver. By using the JsonWireProtocol protocol, the libraries instruct the browser on the actions it should take during the current session.

To facilitate automation across multiple platforms, the Selenium project develops drivers for major web browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari, as well as drivers for popular mobile browsers on Android and iOS. At RiseServ, we understand the immense potential that Selenium WebDriver offers and are dedicated to delivering customized solutions to suit our clients’ diverse automation needs.

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